Our Favorite Podcasts We Listen To on our Work Commute

During our live podcast session with The Big Picture Philippines, we were asked about our favorite podcast channels [aside from The Big Picture]. We’ve named a few like Girlboss Radio, The Futur, and The Minimalists.

We’ve round up the “team’s” favorite podcast channels to share with you hoping it will inspire you to listen to the podcast as an alternative to music especially you’re on a long commute to work. [Hello, traffic!]

Girlboss Radio

Girlboss Radio is a weekly podcast hosted by Sophia Amoruso which she interviewed women who redefine success and pave the way for others with grit and grace.

Kareen’s favorite episodes are Sophia ’s interview with Aimee Song and Netflix Chief Talent Officer, Patty McCord.

“I somehow relate to Aimee’s humble beginning as a blogger since I was a blogger before. The bullying though I wasn’t bullied when I was still an active blogger, but the people will look down on you because you’re an unknown blogger.”, says Kareen.

She also said, “I also share the same belief with Patty when she mentioned that she wouldn’t like it if her employees will work for her for more than 10 years because it means the that employee’s knowledge has become stagnant.”

The Futur by Chris Do

Mia’s (BOSINA STUDIOS In-house Creative Director) favorite episode is the TheFutur (Chris Do): Branding: Identity Design with Yo Sentosa.

She says, “This podcast was very informative for a person like me who is still starting out with Branding. I could somehow relate to Yo’s personality which may be the reason why it’s my favorite.”


Another Mia’s favorite podcast is from TEDTalks: How Boredom Can Lead to our Most Brilliant Ideas.

“I loved this talk so much cos it made me realize how people are slowly becoming enslaved by the digital world. It’s scary how the internet could manipulate your emotions and how you think, and become dependent on it. Sometimes, social media has become one of the roadblocks for people to become productive. It also tackled about how multitasking is not really making you productive. Shameful as it may sound but I’m becoming one of those people so yep, right now, I’m trying to distance myself in social networking sites and just live in the moment without having to show the world what I’m up to,” said Mia.

The Minimalists

Sheryl mentioned during the live podcast that she listens to The Minimalists by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. It talks about how to live a meaningful life with less.

She said, “This has been my go-to podcast ever since I embrace minimalism. I listen to this podcast twice a day, specifically when commuting to and from work. The podcast offers a lot of practical and relatable tips on how to declutter, being mindful and giving importance to things that add value to your life. My favorite episode, thus far, is about setting intentions. In life, I believe that intention is key to happiness. Setting intentions means knowing your ‘why’. By having the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ makes the ‘how’ more manageable.”

Masters of Scale

Another Sheryl’s favorite podcast is The Masters of Scale, which is an original podcast hosted by Reid Hoffman, the Co-founder of LinkedIn and Investor at Greylock. In this podcast, Reid shows how companies grow from zero to a gazillion, testing his theories with legendary leaders.

“I like how Reid tackles each episode in a very simplified, practical and charming manner. Each episode gives me an in-depth understanding of building, running and growing your own startup in different spectrums. It also makes me know better about the people behind these giant companies.”

Bonus Podcasts by Sheryl

WorkLife by Adam Grant: A TED Original Podcast

This podcast talks about what it takes to have an extraordinary workplace. Adam Grant, a renowned organizational psychologist, features one extraordinary workplace every week — i.e its people and the culture.

Women at Work by Harvard Business Review

This podcast is a conversation about the workplace and the women’s place in it.

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