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Asia-Pacific Food Trends 2020

In 2018, the conscious move against plastic straws created a lasting impact on sourcing and packaging. There has been a growth in demand for better products and purposeful brands. Today, the demands have evolved.

Now more than ever, consumers have developed an interest in protecting the environment. For these reasons and more, the majority of the consumers care that their food is sustainable and ethnically sourced–and are willing to pay more for more sustainable goods and services from businesses that align with their values. Diversity and inclusion have also shaped the way meals are being made and served.

If you’re in the food and restaurant business, this can be a good opportunity to participate in the movement while attracting new customers and maintaining the loyalty of like-minded diners.

In 2020, it’s clearer that the future of the industry should be concerned about the impact of what we consume on our health, environment, and society.

Moreover, these sustainable practices will also benefit a business internally by reducing operating cost. To know more, fill up the form below to download the full report.

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