BALAY sa BUSAY is a new modern Filipino restaurant located in Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. It is owned and managed by the largest Filipino restaurant chain in the country.

The management decided to take the unconventional strategy by launching the brand through digital campaigns. 

We were honored to join forces with their marketing team and handle Balay's digital marketing.

Since July 2018, we’ve worked with their team on  identifying opportunities to tell stories that are relevant but don’t stray too far from Balay ’s conscious values. We’ve done it through selling the experience of dining at Balay which explores themes including slow life and style storytelling.


  • Content Ideation, Curation, and Production
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Influencer Marketing Management
  • Community Management


Furthermore, our agency leverages the user-generated content and actively reposting content from social media users. We believe that user-generated content is win-win for both brands and the consumers. It’s the new word of mouth which is more authentic and credible since its ads free.

We also collaborated with influencers with diverse niche from travel, food, lifestyle and fashion bloggers to spread awareness about the brand. 

In two weeks since launched, the brand has generated 1,200 organic likes, 100,000 total impressions, and 10,000 engagement. 

Organic Likes in 2 Weeks
Impressions in 2 weeks
Engagements in 2 weeks