A Case of Food as A Destination

Balay sa Busay is a new Filipino restaurant located in Brgy. Busay, Cebu City. With decades of running a business in the food industry which normally their brands are launch through traditional channels (print, PR, and media), the management wanted to harness the advantage of using social media to meet its business goals.

Our Digital Journey Begins

BOSINA STUDIOS has the privilege to collaborate with the brand’s digital journey every step of the way.


Balay sa Busay

Project Duration

August 2018 - Ongoing


Social Media Management, Ads Management, Influencer Engagement


To raise brand awareness and drive foot traffic to the restaurant by promoting the brand using digital tools.


Our team has identified opportunities to promote the brand through storytelling that is relevant but don't stray too far from Balay's conscious values. We've done it through selling the experienced of dining at Balay sa Busay and introduced the brand in a series of posts.

To compliment our slow content strategy, we also run digital ads on Facebook and Instagram using the “engagement and store visits” as objectives. With these objectives, it gives the brand a chance to connect to the potential customers and drive traffic to the restaurant. To make things easier for the customer to locate Balay sa Busay, we use the "Get Directions" as a call-to-action.

Engaged Community + Word of Mouth

Furthermore, we’ve built an engaged community and proactively communicate to the brand followers by replying to comments and recommendations made on the post, talking to fans, and even reposting their Instagram stories.

We believe in the power of word of mouth. Hence, we incorporate influencer marketing on our strategy to widen the reach. We’ve invited a diverse set of influencers from micro to macro level with a different niche to experience Balay sa Busay.   


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