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Bosina Studios’ founder shares lessons on living a creative life

Hello. Inah here.

I’m the founder of Bosina Studios. I live in a can-do attitude and is always up for new things. However, before I founded Bosina Studios, I lived a life of procrastination, inner critics, and fear of rejections. It was on my 30th birthday that I realized that I no longer want a life of fear and not taking a big leap. I learned these 5 lessons the hard way. These lessons made me decide to live a creative life.

  1. Live, love, and learn all the days of your life. Life is exceedingly brief. Live your life to the fullest. I learned that to live life to the fullest is to live at the moment. Leave your past behind, enjoy the present, and do not worry the future.  Don’t rush things, take your time. According to John Ortberg, “Hurry isn’t just a disordered schedule but a disordered heart.” Slow down, savor each minute. Rushing is rarely worth it. Life is better enjoyed at a leisurely pace. Love deeply and unconditionally. Love as if you’ve never been hurt in the past. Learning is a lifetime undertaking. In life, there are so many things to learn and to unlearn. Avoid stagnation.  
  2. Let go of expectations. If you want to be happy, manage your expectations. It frustrates you when your expectations are not met. When you have expectations, you are preparing your mind for an idealized version of what you are expecting and then try to fit the reality into this ideal. Most of the time, illusions get shattered and leads to disappointments. Instead, try to experience reality as it is, appreciates it for what it is, and be happy that it is.
  3. Always have a grateful heart. Gratitude is one of the best ways to find contentment. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, be grateful for the amazing gifts you are blessed with like being surrounded by loved ones, simple pleasures of health and sight, the gift of music and books, of nature and beauty and the ability to create, and everything in between. Be grateful every day.
  4. Read, write, dream, and travel. Reading is as important as eating. Read often, and you’ll learn more. Write often, and you’ll be able to express more of yourself. Don’t stop dreaming. Your dream is the possession that cannot be taken away from you. Take vacations often and travel.
  5. Sometimes you need to jump off the cliff with your eyes closed. Yes, there are so many uncertainties in life, and we are dealing with them every day. You are taking a chance in stepping into the inevitable. With it, comes with endless possibilities. Every now and then, have courage and take a leap of faith.

With these lessons I learned, I hope that you can apply them in your own venture to live a creative life — a life full of fun, experimentation, risk-taking, and the courage to see things through.

May your dreams come true.



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