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Founders’ Journey

Founders’ Journey: Our First Driving Lesson

Before BOSINA STUDIOS started her road trip, there was CDMS an acronym for Cebu Digital Marketing Services.

Just like first-time drivers, they were all giddy and excited to kickstart their own digital marketing agency back in 2014. Armed with the technical knowledge in digital marketing, the founders started the business planning but due to lack of time, they both decided to step on the brakes.

Our second attempt to drive at least 100 meters from the starting point.

Things were looking up when Andie and her friend met a businessman who was interested with their start-up project. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well. The team decided to push through with the business without looking for funding. They decided to hire someone who has the brains for running a business–someone who can drive the team (and the jeepney) to get them to their destination.

BOSINA STUDIOS was born to drive.

Boss Inah joined the team in mid-2016. The last six months were spent cruising along the highway as they plan and build the business model; and more importantly, gave birth to BOSINA STUDIOS.

Just like any hard working drivers, BOSINA STUDIOS got their first client for a 6-month engagement. It was a struggle at first as the rest of the team members were juggling other priorities. After the contract of their first client ended, the team met a roadblock which prompted them to go on sabbatical.

“Lesson often come dressed up as detours and roadblocks.” – Oprah Winfrey

Countless detours were experienced during their four years on the road. From a team of five, Boss Inah and Andie were the only drivers with their jeepney. The dynamic duo decided to put their heads together and change the business model. This time, they need to be flexible and adapt what the market needs.

This prompted Andie to take BOSINA STUDIOS for another spin and devote 110% of her time to the business.

“Don’t just start your own business, but solve your own problem.”

These words kept running at the back of Andie’s mind. She quit her job and go on a pseudo-gap year. She kept thinking what BOSINA STUDIOS can offer to the market. What solutions can she offer with BOSINA STUDIOS? The answer to the question came to her when she and Boss Inah organized a creative retreat with their childhood friends.

They combined their individual expertise and created BOSINA STUDIOS. And the rest is history.

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