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The A to Z of Work-from-Home for SMEs

We’re all learning how hard it can be to work-from-home. We would like to invite you to join us this April 27th from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Let’s learn together the best practices on how we can all thrive in the work-from-home world, not just survive until things return to “normal.”

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Webinar Description

The global pandemic has changed the way organizations operate for the foreseeable future. In response to the uncertainties presented by COVID-19, the majority of the businesses have temporarily closed their business or asked their employees to work from home. While it is preferable to create remote-work policies in advance in times of crisis (like what’s happening right now) or the rapidly changing circumstances, it may not be feasible. Unfortunately, the majority of the local businesses are not ready for this new normal. 

Inspired by real-life stories of SMEs and employees who have been told to work from home on short notice, our guest speakers who are long-time practitioners of remote work will share some tricks on how to:

  • manage and monitor employees while working remotely;
  • turn the anti-teamwork situation into one which encourages collaboration through virtual team building; and
  • build a culture for the remote design team.
Webinar Speakers
Albert Padin | CTO, Symph

Albert Padin | CTO, Symph

Albert is a Google Expert Developer and entrepreneur who has worked on consumer, enterprise, and government software products. As the Co-founder of Symph, he leads a diverse team of developers in creating software solutions. He guarantees that the team’s output is high quality and performs well at scale. Further, Albert is responsible for key company operations and is the driving force of the company’s development team and processes.

Francis Alturas | Co-founder, Abstract Digital

Francis Alturas | Co-founder, Abstract Digital

Francis leads the team of Abstract Digital, a startup web development company based in Cebu. He wrote their company’s handbook a.k.a  The Pirate Code which is opinionated documentation on how they run the (team) ship.

Em Seno & Frances Enriquez | Co-founder, The Backbone Co

Em Seno & Frances Enriquez | Co-founder, The Backbone Co

Em and Frances are product and graphic designers, which they run an independent design agency, The Backbone Co. As product designers, they launched the Carga Collection, which is a product of Cebuano crafters. Further, they’ve also worked with brands here and abroad for their branding and design needs.

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