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The Creative Life Series: Rose Buenconsejo on Crochet Project

The Creative Life Series is a blog segment that features individuals who live creatively. Take a look at how these individuals live their life to the fullest – their passion projects, aspirations and their smart ways to stay creative.

Our first special guest is Ms. Rose Buenconsejo of Crafty Nanay, an online shop which sells artsy, practical crochet handicrafts and more.

Hi Rose! Can you tell us at least 3 things about you?

I love attention / giving attention (a.k.a himantayon), running, coffee and crochet.

How did you learn to crochet?

I grew up watching my mother and her friends doing crochet.  I started to hold yarns and hook only in 2014. But I started crocheting seriously in 2016 after my mother died. She left an unfinished blanket for her grandson before she passed away. I promised to finish it for her. That’s when I really sit down and pour a lot of time learning it so I can finish the blanket. And the rest is history.

What inspired you to crochet?

I mostly crochet on impulse. Like I saw a dear friend who loves yoga, and I have a yarn in her favorite color so when I’d get home, I would put out the yarn and make something yoga-related stuff for her. Note that I don’t design; I’m not that talented yet (working on it.) there are a lot of crochet patterns on the internet, which either I used stitch by stitch or modify.

How many items in your crochet collections?

I have a few for myself but most of the time, I give them away.

From your crochet collections, can you tell us your three favorite items? What is the story behind each item?

Knitted socks, one of the reasons I also learned to crochet because I wanted to make “knitted” socks, like the ones I got from Baguio as pasalubong. The thing was, I did not know before that “knitting” is different from crochet. I was able to crochet socks but they’re totally different from the “knitted” ones. So later on, I did learn to knit. There’s some moral of the lesson somewhere in this “mistake.”

“Rainbow-ish top.” The very first top that I felt that I did something right. I made 4 of the same design and gave it to girls in the family in which we wore on my eldest son’s graduation day. That was a lot of hooking!

Pokemon amigurumis (plush toys). They’re for my kids. This was the first time I made money from crochet. My kids sell them to their classmate. I was extorting kids’ recess money.  By the way, I’m no longer making any amigurumis.

Tell us the challenges you have encountered in crochet? How did you overcome such challenges?

Crochet is really something I do for fun, no pressure in it. Whenever I feel unhappy, I’d put it down then move on to another project. Then, I would just get back to it if I found the groove to work on it again. No hard feelings.

But right now, after joining a big crochet installation project (a yarn bomb event), I discovered that I have allergies to acrylic yarns.  I now have to wear the mask if I’m using those type of yarns. MAJOR SAD!

As a local artisan, how do you see the future of the crochet community?

Before I got involved in the crochet community, I thought I was the only one into crocheting. But now that I’m a crocheter, somehow, I am surrounded by a lot of crocheters.

Regarding the growth of the community, when I assisted crochet workshops, there are a lot who would show interest and join workshops, but probably only 10% would really stick to it. And, I cannot really blame because crochet can really be boring and uninteresting. Sometimes, it takes a martyr in you to endure it.

But recently, we did a crochet installation in a public place. I hope it makes crochet interesting for others to learn it or in any creative activities. I hope it will inspire us to be more into creating over consuming things because as they said “creating provides more satisfaction over-consuming.”

What advice can you give to those who have started?

I was not into crafting before, like I really don’t get it. Just like most things, it takes dedication and lots of practice.

If you get bored, put your project down. Get back to it when you find the groove. If it’s just really too painful, don’t waste time forcing to love it. Move on to learning a new craft; there are so many things waiting for you to discover.

And, always #bloggerpose… however ugly you think your creation because that’s still some God’s gift talent in there. Charot! And, honestly, ugly early-days projects are more inspiring to other newbies because it makes crochet less intimidating.

Thank you so much, Rose, for sharing your time to be our first special guest in this blog segment. More importantly, thank you for allowing us to take a glimpse of your creative life, and for inspiring those beginners out there who like to give crochet a try. Thank you for sharing your story to those who are trying to figure out on how to live a creative life.

To our valued readers, you can connect with Ms. Rose Buenconsejo through these channels:

Online Store: Crafty Nanay 

Instagram: @craftynanay 

Twitter: @owrange 

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